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Residential Cleaning Questions:
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  1. How many bedrooms and bathrooms?
  2. List other rooms in home.
  3. Square Footage?
  4. What kind of cleaning are you interested in? 
    Move In/Out
    After Renovation
  5. Will you require Oven and Interior Refrigerator Cleaning?
  6. Would you like any windows cleaned? If so, how many?
  7. Any Ceiling Fans? How many?
  8. Are there any pets in the home?
  9. Are there any small children in the home?
  10. What kind of flooring throughout (wood, tile, carpet, etc?
  11. What condition would you say the apartment is in using a scale of 1 through 10 [1 being poor (very dirty and in need to a deep cleaning), 10 being excellent (needing a light basic cleaning)]?
  12. When are you looking to have us provide this service?
Office Cleaning Questions:
Please include full description of workspace:
  1. Square footage?
  2. How many floors (1 or more levels)?
  3. Number of offices, conference rooms, bathrooms, kitchen/breakrooms, etc?
  4. Type of floor material (wood, tile, carpet, concrete)?
  5. Frequency of service required?
  6. When would you like service to start?