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Employees of All Points Cleaning Service are required to continuously learn about the cleaning industry and the products and techniques which will best help them become experts in their field.

It is important that we continue to challenge ourselves to gain as much knowledge about our profession as we can. Our clients put their trust in our professional expertise and when we are at our best, we can give our best.


Here we have put together a series of instructional videos that you are required to watch as part of your onboarding process. Occasionally you might be redirected back here for a refresher training if your supervisor deems it necessary. From these instructional videos you will learn about products, technique, industry terminology, safety, compliance, routines and much more. After you've completed watching each video, you must then take and successfully pass a quiz covering the subjects in the video. The passing grade is 85.

This training is to help us assess your knowledge and skill level. In addition to this material, you will also receive on the job training and feedback to acclimate you to our standards and expectations of our cleaners.

General Office Cleaning

Bathroom Cleaning

Overall Office Cleaning

Janitorial Restroom Cleaning
Step-By-Step Training

Bathroom Cleaning

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