Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning

When you move out of your apartment your landlord requires that you leave it in a clean state suitable for the next tenant to move in. If you fail to do this, your landlord may refuse to return all or a portion of your security deposit. All Points Cleaning Service can alleviate the stress of you doing the work yourself. Book our Move-Out cleaning package and we will get your place looking like new.

Moving into a new home? Looks clean but not up to your standards? All Points Cleaning Service will give your new home a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. From the baseboards to the light fixtures and every place in between. Start off on the right foot by taking advantage of our Move-In cleaning package.

Move-In/Out Cleaning is essential for delivering a space worthy of calling your new home or office

Move In/Out Cleaning  Includes:

All Rooms:


• Thorough dusting

• General tidy up
• Sweep or vacuum wood/tile              floors then mop

• Dust light fixtures and clean              switches
• Remove cobwebs

• Clean all glass & mirrors

• Dust above door frames

• Dust baseboards

• Clean window sills
• Vacuum carpet
• Empty Trash


• Clean exterior of all appliances

• Clean interior & exterior of                cabinets and drawers
• Sink cleaned and disinfected
• Sink chrome shined
• Clean stove hood (includes                removing grease build up)
• Countertops cleaned and                  disinfected

• Floors vacuumed and mopped
• Empty Trash


• Bathtubs and wall tile cleaned          and disinfected
• Shower door cleaned and                  disinfected
• Mirrors cleaned
• Counters and sink cleaned and        disinfected
• Floors washed and disinfected
• Toilet clean and disinfected
• Polish faucet
• Clean interior & exterior of                cabinets
• Mop floors
• Spot clean the doors
• Empty Trash