Move-In/Out 5 Bdrms, 1 Bth Clean

Move-In/Out 5 Bdrms, 1 Bth Clean


It’s a deep cleaning which includes baseboards, door frames, window frames, light switches and door knobs, move furniture and clean underneath (size & weight permitting), cobwebs removal, clean grease off exterior or kitchen cabinets.




Cleaning interior of closets, kitchen cabinets and drawers, medicine cabinet, ceiling fans, light fixtures (chandeliers and large fixtures not included and will be charged separately).

  • Popular Add-on Services & Rates

    Oven: $35

    Refrigerator: $35

    Ceiling Fan: $8 each

    Blinds: $12 each

    Radiator: $15 each

    Standard Window: $9 each (in/out), $6 (in only)

    Larger Windows: $12 each (in/out), $9 (in only)

    Glass Door: $18 each