Residential Deep Cleaning

Booking a Deep Cleaning is the best selection when you first make the decision to employ a professional cleaning service. It's more than a superficial cleaning. It gets into corners and areas that often goes overlooked or glossed over. We methodically and meticulously go through a cleaning checklist which leaves your home thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. When our cleaners are done the difference is palpable.


We suggest booking a Deep Cleaning at least twice a year then continuing with periodic basic cleanings for maintenance. 


  Studio      One Bedroom     Two Bedrooms    Three Bedrooms   Four Bedrooms


 $199          $225                   $265               $299                  $335


Popular Add-on Services


     Oven       Refrigerator      Standard Window     Ceiling Fan       Radiator

    $35          $35               $9 per (in/out)        $8 per           $15

Deep Cleaning Includes:

All Rooms

• Thorough dusting
• General tidy up

• Clean under and around furniture        (will move furniture - size and weight    permitting)

• Change bed linen and make beds

• Sweep or vacuum wood/tile    floors then mop 

• Dust light fixtures and clean switches

• Remove cobwebs

• Clean all glass and mirrors

• Dust above door frames

• Dust baseboards
• Clean window sills

• Vacuum carpet
• Empty trash


• Clean exterior of all appliances
• Sink cleaned and disinfected
• Sink chrome shined
• Clean stove hood (Includes removing    grease build up)
• Countertops cleaned and disinfected

• Clean table and chairs
• Clean outside cabinets (Includes            removing grease build up)
• Empty Trash
• Floors vacuumed and mopped



• Bathtubs and wall tile cleaned and        disinfected
• Shower door cleaned and disinfected
• Mirrors cleaned
• Counters and sink cleaned and              disinfected
• Floors washed and disinfected
• Toilet clean and disinfected
• Polish faucet
• Clean outside cabinets
• Mop floors
• Spot clean doors
• Empty Trash

The rate for your project may differ due to size, layout or your personalized requests.

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