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Man Cleaning Building


Who are we?

All Points Cleaning Service is a 5 Star family-run business located in Brooklyn, NY. We service Residential and Commercial clients throughout the NYC area. We are fully trained, insured, bonded and MWBE certified.

What we provide?

Quality of Service is our driving motivator. Our skilled, professional cleaners are educated in using products that are environmentally friendly, in alignment with CDC recommendations and that are EPA approved for killing a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses.

Why we do what we do?

Simply put, we are here to simplify your life. Our calling is to make a difference that is impactful and adds value to the lives of our clients.


How we do what we do?

Through true partnership with our clients and understanding their needs and objectives it allows us to design a cleaning regimen to tackle the nuances of their unique work site.


Cleaning is a necessity and it's vital for maintaining a healthy building. Whether it's your place of business or your personal home, it's essential that you don't ignore the impact that cleaning has on your life. Your mood and health can be positively or negatively affected by the condition of the environment around you.


Don't be overwhelmed, our professional team of cleaners are always on hand and ready to get to work.


Schedule an initial Deep Cleaning that will set you on a path of healthier living. For maintenance you should follow up with regular periodic cleanings.

Contact Us today to schedule a cleaning that's right for you.

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