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Streak free cleaning whenever you need it. Set up ongoing service and leave the rest to us.

Hard Floors

Clean, sanitized and polished floors help to make any room stand out. We've got you covered.


From vacuuming to spot removal to steam cleaning, your rugs and carpets will look renewed.


Appliances are the centerpieces of a kitchen. At your request we'll clean both the exterior and interior then finish it off with the perfect shine.

Company Owner

Charles Clennon

We are proud to be a part of the service industry where our mission has always been to positively impact the lives of those we service. As a family owned business, relationship building is key to our business model. We are about partnership, trust and integrity.


In our history of being in business we have carved out a lane for ourselves where we are known and respected on the front end for the quality and consistency of our cleaning. We are particularly well known for our Deep Cleanings.  On the back end, our customer service and team responsiveness completes the circle and makes us a top choice in service providers.


The long-term vision of All Points Cleaning Service is to become a legacy business. We are 12 years in and we are looking ahead at 20 and beyond. Our passion and dedication to a job well done along with our commitment to Quality and Service has brought us far. It was these things along with some amazing partnerships with our clients that allowed us to weather the storm of a global pandemic and to still be here doing what we do best.


There are great things ahead, so come join our ever expanding community of partners by selecting All Points Cleaning Service to be your service provider of choice.

Note From Owner

Happy Employees Group Seflie

There are advantages to strong partnership.

  • Build trust and loyalty over time

  • Support and elevate each other’s business

  • Learn from one another and bridge the gap in expertise, skills and knowledge

  • Increase business opportunities through referral partnerships and other means

   Let's Work Together. 


Winding Staircase Cleaning
Warehouse Event Space
Event Space
Fashion Show Setup
Warehouse - Fashion Show Setup
Battery Park Show Tent Setup 1
Battery Park Show Tent Setup 2
Cleaning Classroom
Classroom Cleaning
School Hallway Cleaning
School Cleaning
School Staircase Cleaning
Pre-School Classroom Cleaning
Cleaning Pre-School Classroom
Furniture Builders Showroom Cleaning
Dining & Living Space
Half Bathroom
Residential Bathroom Cleaning
Cleaning Residential Bathroom
Bathroom Shower Cleaning
Air BnB Cleaning 1
Residential Kitchen Cleaning
Living Room Cleaning - Air BnB
Air BnB Living Room Cleaning
Air BnB Room Cleaning
Air BnB Cleaning - Residential
Kitchen Cleaning
Church Cleaning
Church Fogging, Sprayer, Mister
Church Auditorium
Bathroom Stall with Changing Table
Bathroom Stall
Wellness Center Cleaning
Commercial Office Cleaning
Commercial Floor Waxing
Commercial Real Estate Office Cleaning
Doctor Office Cleaning
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