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Frequently Asked Questions

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Thank you for your interest in our services. Here we answer some of the most frequently asked questions. If your specific question isn't answered please use our Chat feature or our Request A Quote form located below. You can also email us at to get your questions answered. 

01.    How do I book a cleaning?​

Use our online booking platform or e-mail/call us with details about your home or business and we will provide an estimate for your review and acceptance.​

E:   Phone: 866-681-5553

02.  What details do you need from me to provide an estimate or proposal?

Residential Cleaning Questions:

Please provide the following information:

  1. How many bedrooms and bathrooms?

  2. List other rooms in home.

  3. Square Footage?

  4. What kind of cleaning are you interested in? 
    Move In/Out
    After Renovation

  5. Will you require Oven and Interior Refrigerator Cleaning?

  6. Would you like any windows cleaned? If so, how many?

  7. Any Ceiling Fans? How many?

  8. Are there any pets in the home?

  9. Are there any small children in the home?

  10. What type of flooring throughout (wood, tile, carpet, etc.)?

  11. What condition would you say the apartment is in using a scale of 1 through 10 [1 being poor (very dirty and in need of a deep cleaning), 10 being excellent (needing a light basic cleaning)]?

  12. When are you looking to have us provide this service?

Office Cleaning Questions:

Please include full description of workspace:

  1. What is the square footage?

  2. How many floors (1 or more levels)?

  3. How many offices, conference rooms, bathrooms, kitchen/breakrooms, etc?

  4. What type of floor material (wood, tile, carpet, concrete)?

  5. What is the frequency of service required?

  6. When would you like service to start?

03.   What information do you need to confirm my appointment?

We require your full address, contact number and a credit card on file to confirm your cleaning.

04.   Do I need to provide cleaning products?

For one-time cleaning service we will provide all supplies and  equipment required for the job?

For ongoing cleaning service (daily, weekly, bi-weekly,  monthly, etc.) you must provide supplies and equipment to be used by cleaner(s). Along with a Client Service Agreement we will also provide you with a list of cleaning supplies and equipment.

05.    Do I need to clean up before the cleaning?

You do not need to clean before the cleaners arrive however, if  there is clutter that will slow down the cleaning process in any way we ask that you put those items away or place them in one area of the room. We offer a decluttering service - inquire  for pricing.

06.    Do I have to tip the cleaners?

While tipping is not mandatory, it is customary to tip the cleaner between 15-20%.

07.    When is payment due?

Residential Clients:

Payment is due on the day of service whether you are a one-time or ongoing service client. Full payment will be processed using credit card on file unless you elect to pay cash or check at the time of service. Returned checks are subject to a $30.00 processing fee. We reserve the right to charge this and all fees due using the credit card on file.


Business Clients:

Payment is processed in advance of service per contract agreement on the first day of each month. Payment can be made using Credit or Debit Card or Bank transfer.

08.    What is your cancellation policy and fees?

No cancellation penalty will be assessed if client cancels appointment more than 24 hours prior to scheduled cleaning. A cancellation fee in the amount of $75 will be charged if client  cancels or reschedules an appointment with less than 24 hours  notification. If cleaner is unable to enter the job site (non-entry) a cancellation fee of 50% of rate will be charged to client.

09.    How long will the cleaning take?

Cleaning times vary based on a variety of factors such as type of cleaning, location size and condition, additional services requested, number of cleaners assigned, etc. At time of booking  you can inquire to get a ballpark of how long the service will take.

1 0.    What are high touch surfaces?

High touch surfaces are items like light switches, faucets, door handles, toilet handles, phones, elevator buttons and other frequently touched surfaces.

1 1.    How do I return your required forms?

To return a credit authorization form, signed proposals or any other document, use the UPLOAD button below.

1 2.   How do I apply for a job with your company?

If you'd like to be considered for joining our dynamic team of  employees, apply here: JOIN OUR TEAM.

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